Seattle Astronomy gets shout out from IDA

International Dark-Sky Association

Local dark-sky efforts and Seattle Astronomy are getting some notice among a wider audience. Dark Skies Northwest, the local chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association, has been particularly active over the last several years. Seattle Astronomy recognized the work of the locals, giving them two of our top 10 astronomy stories of 2010 (as reported through our former gig as Seattle Astronomy Examiner.) This detail was mentioned in the March 25 issue of Night Watch, the IDA’s newsletter. You’ll find the article about halfway through the newsletter. Scroll down to “chapter and volunteer updates” and find the article “Successes in the Fight Against Light Pollution in the Pacific Northwest.”

Props to David Ingram, Bruce Weertman, and all of the others involved with the work of Dark Skies Northwest. The group’s mission is to be a focal point for light pollution issues in the Northwest, to promote quality outdoor lighting, to promote and preserve the beautiful night sky, and to educate the public about the problem of light pollution and its solutions. DSNWs members include astronomers, naturalists, outdoor lighting engineers, and people who are generally concerned with the beauty their community.