Astro Biz: Shooting Star aligoté

img_2102Many businesses, products, and places have names rooted in space and astronomy. We’re featuring one every Tuesday on Seattle Astronomy.

This week’s Astro Biz is Jed Steele’s Shooting Star aligoté wine. Aligoté is a grape variety that is a distant cousin of pinot noir, and is planted substantially in France and eastern Europe. While Steele makes his wine in California, the Shooting Star aligoté is from grapes grown in Washington. Steele was formerly with Kendall-Jackson, and their acrimonious breakup in the early 1990s made some headlines in the wine industry. Steele opened his own eponymous label, with its first wines released in 1993. Later came the more value-priced Shooting Star label. Steele’s middle name is Tecumseh, after the Indian Chief who was said to have drawn good luck from being born under a shower of shooting stars.

We chose Shooting Star aligoté as the Astro Biz this week because we enjoyed a bottle of it with our appetizer course on Thanksgiving day!

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