Seattle Astronomy seeks your support through Patreon

Seattle Astronomy seeks your financial support in order to expand our astronomical journalism offerings. We’ve started a campaign on Patreon to achieve this goal.

PatreonPatreon is a platform built specifically with the needs of creative ventures in mind, and thus it’s a little different. Whereas with most crowdfunding solutions you might give a one-time-only contribution to a project, Patreon would be like a subscription to Seattle Astronomy—patrons pledge to give a set amount each month. As little as one dollar per month helps us reach our goals, but larger amounts get us there more quickly, and come with increasing perks!

Our goal in a nutshell is to raise enough funds to travel to cover space and astronomy stories outside of the Seattle area, both regionally and nationally. We’ve done occasional trips to Portland to cover interesting talks at Rose City Astronomers. We’d like to take that further afield to visit active clubs in Spokane, Eugene, Idaho Falls, Tri-Cities, and beyond. Ultimately we would like to raise enough to be able to cover national events such as meetings of the American Astronomical Society or the Astronomical League. These are loaded with interesting stories, but few of them get told outside of the meeting hall. We’ll be your eyes and ears looking for good stories, especially of the type of interest to the amateur astronomy community.

Please visit our Patreon page, check out the video, and sign up for your monthly contribution to Seattle Astronomy today. We appreciate your support!