Happy birthday to us!

SeattleAstronomy.com is two years old today!

The first post, a simple calendar listing, went up on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011 and included a preview of the meeting of the American Astronomical Society, which was in Seattle that week. Other early posts included stories about a Science Café talk about composite materials, coverage of a local exhibit of Roger Ressmeyer‘s astronomy photos, and reviews of talks by Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin, Solar System Ambassador Ron Hobbs, author Robert Panek, Palomar Observatory’s Scott Kardel (who is now with the International Dark-Sky Association), physicist Brian Greene, and NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. It was quite an eventful first month!

By my count this is the 96th post, so we’ve been pushing them out at about one per week. We’ve given up on doing calendar posts, for the most part; instead we maintain a separate calendar page that lists interesting astronomy events happening in the Northwest.

Thanks to all of our readers for the support and encouragement. We’re looking forward to an event-filled third year of covering space and astronomy news in the region.