Your own space telescope, plus visits to Chile and the ISS

Few readers of Seattle Astronomy are likely to get any time on the Hubble Space telescope or the world’s top ground-based instruments, but Bellevue-based Planetary Resources, Inc. unveiled a plan through which even amateur astronomers can do some imaging through a space-based scope at a reasonable price. PRI launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million to put one of its ARKYD telescopes in orbit. For a mere $200 contribution you can have them aim the scope at a celestial object of your choice, and they’ll beam back a photo right to your desktop. We expect the $25 contribution will be highly popular; at that level, you get to send them a portrait of your choice, and they’ll take a picture of it, with planet Earth as the background, and zap a copy of your “space selfie” back to you.

We expect they’ll easily surpass the goal. The campaign for the “space telescope for everyone” started Wednesday, and here on Sunday afternoon it already has received more than 6,800 pledges worth more than $650,000. They’re almost two-thirds of the way there.

The video below explains the effort.

ISS exhibit opens at PACSCI

Another thing few of us will get a chance to do is visit the International Space Station, but a new exhibit at the Pacific Science Center may be the next best thing. Destination: Station is a multi-media exhibit that tells the story of life and research on the ISS. Admission to the exhibit is included with PacSci admission. It runs through Sept. 2.

SAS visits Chile

The Seattle Astronomical Society has announced the topic for its June meeting. SAS member Mike Dole will give a presentation about his recent observing trip to Chile, which included a tour of and telescope observing at the Observatorio del Pangue. Dole will share his experiences observing the skies of the Southern Hemisphere. The meeting will be held Wednesday, June 19 beginning at 7:30 p.m. in room A102 of the Physics/Astronomy Building at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Star Parties abound next weekend

The Seattle Science Festival opens up next weekend. Among the events is the Puget Sound and Beyond Star Party, with about a dozen formally registered locations from the Palouse to Oak Harbor. Check this map to find a location near you. Get out and look at the stars!

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