Astro Biz: Space Dust IPA

Many businesses, products, and places have names rooted in space and astronomy. We’re featuring one every Tuesday on Seattle Astronomy.

Elysian-Space-Dust-IPAThis week’s Astro Biz is Space Dust IPA, an India pale ale brewed by Elysian Brewing Company which has four restaurants and a brewery in Seattle. We’re most likely to be spotted at the Capitol Hill location.

Readers of these pages will recognize that we’ve been mixing beer and astronomy quite a bit of late—it’s a good combination—and we reckon a nice IPA is our favorite brew these days. The Space Dust is delicious! Elysian calls it a “totally nebular IPA” with a “bright and galactic Milky Way hue.” With hopping that is “pure starglow energy… Space Dust is out of this world.”

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