AstroBox taking off

A former Seattleite now living in Denver has launched AstroBox, a service that will deliver a curated collection of cool space- and astronomy-themed products to space geeks once a quarter. Sorin Sorin got the idea for AstroBox while participating in outreach events with the Denver Astronomical Society. The group holds monthly open houses at the University of Denver’s Chamberlin Observatory, which boasts an 1894 20-inch Alvan Clark refracting telescope.

“It’s a really beautiful instrument for people to see and take a look through,” Sorin said.

AstroBox“A lot of the people who come out to these events have a casual interest in astronomy, space, and the night sky,” he added, but while they may enjoy a look through a telescope and the latest photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, they may not have the time or inclination to dive deeper into astronomy. Sorin said AstroBox is intended to provide a regular tickler about the night sky, with information about things to see and current space missions.

“The idea with it is including a set of products that are fun, entertaining, and a little educational too,” he said.

The first AstroBox went out earlier this summer under the theme “Exploring the Giants.” The box included a nine-inch plush Jupiter; the book The Interstellar Age (Dutton, 2015) by Jim Bell, who worked on the Voyager missions; a custom-designed Saturn t-shirt; a gallery-quality 8×10 print of “The Ancient Dance of Europa and Jupiter” by artist Lucy West; official mission patches of ISS Expedition 48 and SpaceX SPX-9; a set of five NASA Visions of the Future poster cards; a small meteorite as a preview of the fall box; and a copy of his Astronomy Unboxed newsletter with information about the Cassini and Juno missions and the Perseid meteor shower.

“I try to not only include a set of products, but a set of activities and information about what’s happening to make it an engaging experience,” Sorin said.

AstroBox goes out quarterly

Each AstroBox will be based on a theme, and will include a custom t-shirt, fine-art astronomy print, the newsletter, and other items.

The art print is a natural for Sorin, himself a talented astrophotographer and artist. You can see his work on The Soggy Astronomer and Sorin Space Art websites. He has connected with other artists through the International Association of Astronomical Artists.

“There are quite a number of accomplished astronomical artists out there,” Sorin said. “One of the things that I want to do with this box is always deliver a fine art print from one of these great artists.”

The theme for the fall box, for which Sorin is accepting orders through the end of August, is “Asteroids and Space Rocks.” In addition to the t-shirt, art, and newsletter it will include a piece of a meteorite and a board game that was designed by the lead of the OSIRIS-REx mission that launches next month with the aim of going to an asteroid and getting a rock sample to bring back to Earth.

“The lead for that mission actually designed a space-exploration board game as part of the way for that mission team to fund their own public outreach activites, and we’ll be including a copy of that game with our fall box,” Sorin said.

Order now

Visit the AstroBox website by August 31 to order your “Asteroids and Space Rocks” box. Friends of Seattle Astronomy can receive a $5 discount by using the code “SEATTLEASTRO” at checkout or by ordering through this link.

AstroBox is cool; check it out!

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