Astro Biz: Minneapolis StarTribune

StarTribuneMany businesses, products, and places have names rooted in space and astronomy. We’re featuring one every Tuesday on Seattle Astronomy.

This week’s Astro Biz is The Minneapolis StarTribune, the major newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis Tribune dates back to 1867, and the Minneapolis Daily Star was founded in 1920. In the 1930s the Cowles family bought the Star and another local paper, the Journal, merging them into the Star-Journal, and in 1941 bought the Tribune as well and merged it into their company. For years the Tribune published in the morning and the Star-Journal in the evening. The arrangement lasted until 1982, when the Tribune was dropped because of low circulation, and the two papers were merged into the Star and Tribune. The name was simplified to Star Tribune in 1987, and today it goes by StarTribune.

We read the StarTribune while on a recent trip to the midwest, and get bonus points for capturing a photo of the paper on a day when the discovery of exoplanet Proxima b was front-page news!

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