Astro Biz: Mercury Fitness

Mercury Fitness

Many businesses, products, and places have names rooted in space and astronomy. We’re featuring one periodically on Seattle Astronomy.

Today’s Astro Biz is Mercury Fitness, a Kenmore, Wash.-based firm that does repair and maintenance of exercise equipment. I love their slogan, “We keep you running,” even though it reminds me of Michael McDonald, who ruined the Doobie Brothers. I spotted the Mercury Fitness van at the West Seattle Health Club when I arrived for a recent workout. The Mercury guys were working on one of the club’s elliptical machines.

It still raises eyebrows among people who know me when I mention being “at the gym.” My wife and I both started working out last year as part of our routine to be more fit. I don’t use the ellipticals, but I’m glad Mercury is there to fix them!

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