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McMenamin's Blue Moon Tavern & GrillMany products, businesses, and places have names based in space or astronomy. Periodically we feature an Astro Biz on Seattle Astronomy. If you have your own favorite Astro Biz, please send us a photo and a brief description via email, and we’ll post it!

Which celestial object inspires the most Astro Biz names? Here’s our running tally of those posted so far:

Moon: 29
Star: 23
Sun: 16
Constellation: 8
Neptune: 4
North Star: 4
Mercury: 4
Comet: 3
Space: 3
Saturn: 2
Moons of other planets: 2
Planet: 2
Galaxy: 2
Orbit: 2

Equinox: 2
Nova: 2
Asteroid: 1
Jupiter: 1
Totality: 1
Rockets: 1
Mars: 1
Dwarf planet: 1
Earth: 1
Corona: 1
Alpha Centauri: 1
Polaris: 1
Vega: 1
Meteor: 1


Index of the Astro Biz entries published to date:


Alpha Centauri IPA
Astro Apartments
Atomic Boys Shop-O-Rama
Bella Luna Pizzeria
Blue Mercury
Blue Moon Brewing Company
Blue Moon Burgers
Blue Moon Tavern
Blue Moon Tavern & Grill
Blue Star Café & Pub
Blue Star Coffee
Blue Star Donuts
Café Solstice
Casa Luna Mexican restaurant
Ceres Roasting Company
Coast Starlight
Comet cleanser
Mercury Comet
Comet Tavern
Corona beer
Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Down to Earth Session IPA


Embrace the Moon
Equinox Ale
Fremont Space Building
Galaxy White IPA


iLanga Software
Jupiter studio apartments
Lake Champlain Five Star Bars
LUNA bars
Luna Court condos
Luna Girls on Alki
Luna Park Café
Luna Sandals
Luna Weizen


Mars chocolate bar
Meet the Moon café
Mercury Comet
Mercury Fitness
Meteor Shower Blonde Ale
Milky Way candy bar
Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
Moon Cheese
Moon Drop grapes
Moon Rocks chocolate bar
Moon Valley Organics
Moon’s Kitchen restaurant
Moondrop Coffee
Moondrops Bavarian Roasted Nuts
Neptune Coffee
Neptune Furniture
Neptune Music Company
Neptune Theatre
Nix Nation-wide Recycled Auto Parts
North Star Blankets
North Star Diner
Northstar Trading Company
Northstar Winery
Nova apartments
Old Moon zinfandel
Orbit gum
Orbit Irrigation
Orion apartments
Orion Building
Orion buses
Orion Commercial Partners
Orion red wine
Outer Planet Craft Brewing
Path of Totality IPA
PietraLuna wine
Planet Java Diner
Plymouth Sundance
Polaris Electric Bicycles
Portland Mercury
Purple Moon shiraz

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